The Perfect Marbling Mask

You may remember a previous post where I started using a technique to mask out parts of my lithographs so I could water marble the backgrounds. Well I discovered the…

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Pour Painting

Ok, so right off the bat, I'll admit that this is not printmaking and that technically this a blog of experiments in print. Still, I've seen a lot of videos…

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Plate Lithography

Now that I've recently completed two stone lithography I decided to try a couple of aluminum plate litho prints. I was interested to try the process, and it was also substantially quicker…

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Learning Lithography

For the past couple of months I've been taking a lithography class at the Honolulu Museum Art School with master lithography David Smith. In an effort to reinforce what I've…

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Marbling + Lithography

I'm currently taking a weekend course in lithography and one of my goals was to try and incorporate my marbling in with my litho prints. My first thought was to…

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Paper Marbling Tutorial

So I've been working on a bit of paper marbling and wanted to put a tutorial together for anyone interested in getting started in some Ebru style paper marbling. I…

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