Conceptual Illustration


23 is a thought exercise where I challenged myself to create twenty three different compositions based around the number 23. Each image is a different take on the number and they became progressively more challenging as the project went on. In some cases the approach was simple. Vanadium for example is the 23rd element on the periodic table and Overintellectualization is a 23 letter word. One approach used twenty three as a time limit for completing the work. For the work "Constellation" I found the 23rd book on my shelf, turned to the 23rd page, and erased everything but the 23rd letter of the alphabet, it was then superimposed with 23 drawings of the same object from different angles. "Firedog" is based on the 23rd animal and element combination in the Chinese  zodiac. In the end this project proved to be a fruitful challenge which opened up new avenues for exploring subject matter and learning to approach problems in novel ways.