A Tale From Two Sides


This book plays with the idea of opposing forces. In this case the opposing forces reside in the narrative (not in the idea of ornament vs. simplicity). I designed the binding, typography, and images with this element of the narrative in mind. The intent is that the physical elements of the book would enhance the narrative by drawing the story into the actual object. Nightsong tells two stories - one from the perspective of the dream and a second through the perspective of the nightmare - two forces which battle for control of our sleep.

Nightsong also employs the use of gold. In this case it is used as an element in the illustrations designed to guide the viewer’s focus. Something that fascinates me particularly about gold is that it cannot be reproduced in print. Facsimiles exist, but gold’s luminous, reflective surface can only be truly appreciated in person. Gold must be walked around, seen at different angles, or manipulated in the hand to catch light. The use of gold adds a special mystique to fine press work (even when it is originally digitally produced), and helps truly differentiate it from commercial objects.