Has Turned Two

Born April 9th, 2020

I'm getting bigger every day! I am growing into 2T clothes and am always finding new fun things to do in the house. I especially love watching my kitties (both my real kitties and the Gabby Cats) and reading my books. My favorite type of day is when I get to go to the park and have a Tropical Smoothie after. I'm extra excited for Easter this year because I love to collect my toy eggs and put them in my basket!

Things I did this Year

I enjoy dancing, drawing, and doing puzzles.

I've learned so many new things in 2021!

I love to go on walks and be outside.

Diana's Favorites

Here are some my favorites this year! I love snuggling and watching Gabby's Dollhouse after dinner. I also really love songs, scribbling pictures with my color wonder markers, and sound books!

According to Mommy...


Kitty Cats


Tropical Smoothie


My Song Books

I dislike...

Going up the Stairs at Bedtime

According to Daddy...


Definitely Kitty Cats


Fried Rice or Eggs


Books that make the sounds

I dislike...

When you turn off Gabby Cats TV

Gabby's Dollhouse

My Favorite TV Show