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If you’ve ever browsed a Glowforge group or forum you’ll see a variety of posts on parts, add ons, and modifications for the Glowforge. People often ask questions about aftermarket parts and repairs as well. This post will be a good opportunity to consolidate some of that information. I do not own all of these accessories but some might be a good fit for you and I’ll do my best to be clear about which items I own and can fully endorse. That being said I’m careful to select items that have at least received the seal of approval from other GF users. 


This section includes items that can be used with the Glowforge. They aren’t essential but for some of you, they might be worth getting. 

Crumb Tray Pins

This is the quintessential first accessory. You will need these to help keep warped boards flat or the secure lighter weight materials. Luckily, they’re all free and you can cut them right on your machine!

There are many different versions, so make sure to scroll through the thread linked below, there is a second version which tends to work better midway through.

Find the file for the pins here
Find the file for the magnet material holders here.

Glowforge Dust Cover

Option One (pictured) – $65-95 
These are made by a member of the Glowforge User’s Group – she also sells a sewing pattern ($7.50) for this dust cover so you can sew it yourself. Lots of nice details in how this one is sewn and it’s offered in a leatherette.

Option Two – $45 – Another option by a different GF owner.

Blast Gate

Check out the Video by Lady Crockett Crafts 

Get the Free File (By Dave Struve) 

This blast gate file is generously offered for free in the community forum by Dave Struve. A blast gate hooks onto the back of your machine and allows you to keep your hose connected without outside humidity, debris, bugs, or birds (…for real) getting into your machine. Check out the video above for assembly instructions and a link to the file. 

Seklema Mat

Seklema Mat – $66+
A Seklema mat is a laser safe sticky mat that is designed for holding down paper, fabric, or other thin materials such as mother of pearl inlay. It’s pricey, but if you plan to make paper or something similar a staple in your catalog then consider getting one. 

Masking Dispenser

Download Masking Holder for Free

This is a free file being generously offered for all your masking needs by Lillian Wolfe. Check out the video above for how it’s used by someone who has built it. You can find the file in the Glowforge User’s Group on Facebook.

Hose Shortening Collar


This one is created and offered by yours truly so that you can shorten your hose without cutting it and thus increase your air efficiency. Checkout my Glowforge Setup post to learn more.

Glowforge Risers and Pin Kit

See Options

This kit is offered ready-made or as 3D Printer digital files from New Ways Concepts on Etsy. Their risers/focus height blocks are ideal for cutting boards or other items you need to engrave without the crumb tray. They also offer a unique style of gauge pin and magnetic alignment guides. 

Focus Height Blocks

Offered in a Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Version – $20-22

Another version of the focus height blocks featured above by CTdistributing on Etsy. 


This section includes items items that improve functionality for the Glowforge.

Glowforge Exhaust Extension $25-42

These extension ports make it much easier to remove and reapply the exhaust hose. I purchased the 3D printer file and had a friend print it for me and it worked great. I did have to sand it a bit to get the perfect fit, but that was likely caused by the print not being quite level. 

Option One – $25
Option Two – $25
Option Three – $42

3D Printer File – $2

Better Vent Hose

The default vent hose is prone to pinholes. If you want something a little stronger for reducing fumes consider a superior hose.

Amazon Affiliate Link:
4″ Hose – $11
6″ Hose – $11 (If using the 6″ Fan and you want to avoid one reducer on the outgoing end)

6" Inline Fan

Many people swear by a powerful inline fan. When using this hose you will need to make sure you seal the seams well with aluminum tape and that you turn off the Glowforge internal fan (you can do this in the interface by telling it you’re using the indoor filter). The 6″ is what most people use but according to other GF users, the 4″ is powerful enough and at 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the internal fan (which is 180 CFM). The key to selecting a fan is you want it more powerful than 180 but not too powerful. An overpowered fan can cause as many issues as an underpowered one. 

Amazon Affiliate Link ( Be warned, It goes in and out of stock often):
6″ CLOUDLINE Inline Fan (402 CFM) – $150-ish
4″ CLOUDLINE Inline Fan (205CFM) – $119
6″ VIVOSUN Inline Fan (390CFM) – $79

If you go with the 6″ inline fan then you’ll need a reducer on at least one side to attach it to the forge (which has a 4″ outlet). Ideally, you should NOT use a reducer on the outflow side and it constricts the airflow. Instead you should use a 6″ hose on the outflow side. 

6″ Reducer

Booster Fan

This inline fan is much cheaper. It does not replace the internal fan, but it gives it a boost and helps reduce fumes. It will also help if your exhaust hose is overly long as it can be positioned farther down the line to keep the air moving. This is what I use. 

Amazon Affiliate Link:
4″ Booster Fan (100CFM) – $18


If there is anything I’d recommend spending your Glowforge referral gift card money on  – it’s spare parts. The lenses and mirrors are considered expendable parts so there is a chance they will break or need replacing. However, some parts aren’t directly available for pre-purchase. Below you will see some files and parts you can purchase to fix other Glowforge issues. 

Cam Wheels

Dito Milian from the Glowforge User’s Group has generously offered up one of these two free 3D printing files to allow you to create temporary camp wheels for the carriage head should yours break. Consider donating to the creators if you find these helpful. Here are the links for each. 

Glowforge Gantry Belt Wheel:
Download 3D Printing File

Carriage Wheel:
Download 3D Printing File

Internal Fan

If you somehow manage to break your internal fan – here it is! This should be an exact match to the Glowforge one.

Glowforge Gantry Belt Wheel:
Internal Fan – $25

Timing Belt

Sometimes the belts in the Glowforge get stretched or torn. This 6mm timing belt should do for a replacement. The belts are clipped together with a part in the forge meaning you won’t need to splice them together in a continuous loop. See the video above for how to replace it.

Glowforge Gantry Belt:
6mm Timing Belt


These are items used to modify or alter your Glowforge in a way it was not intended to be used. 

Magnet Clips for Passthrough Hack

These 3D printed magnet clips can be used with the Basic or Plus to allow you to keep the front flap open. This will let you use longer material in a sort of passthrough. This should be done at your own risk as it turns the GF into a class 4 laser and can be very dangerous. Read my post on it – but understand this is a potentially dangerous hack. 

Magnet Clips Designed and Made by Mombecrombie & Etch:
Purchase Here – $7



I will try to continue updating this page as I make more videos and gather more learning resources. If you find a great one feel free to post in the comments below! Meanwhile, check out some additional blog posts that teach digital skills and Illustrator techniques related to the Glowforge. 

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