I’ve been working on a project and in the process have been experimenting with resin and alcohol ink. Over this past week I’ve been casting resin in both molds and petri dishes and coloring them with dropped in alcohol ink.

The process is actually very simple. Once you’ve filled your molds with resin you just drop in your colors and then put a drop of white over each color drop. The heavier white pigment pushes the colored pigments down into the resin.

For each piece I did 5-6 layers between color and white pigments.

The reactions between the white and color pigments is really interesting and unpredictable.

Be warned, you want to make sure your surface is level, otherwise the pigments will flow all to one side and affect the design. That’s what latter happened to the one below.

From the side you can see how the pigments flow down into the resin.

And here are the finals after they have gone through a 24 hour cure:

Here is a gallery of the results:

One of the most interesting things about this process is getting up close with a macro lens to see the unique topography inside each piece.

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