Four Virtues

Pamphlet Book Experiments


This small series of pamphlet stitch books each features a different technical experiment. These short poems explore the ideas of Analog (blue), Frivolity (white), Mystery (Copper), and Truth (Silver). Each book's binding speaks to the concept of the poem. For Analog I dipped my hands in ink and bound the book in one sitting. Everywhere my hand touched left a mark. This speaks to the nature of the handmade and the unseen effort that goes into the craft of book making. Each print is a memory into how the book was made. In Frivolity gold leaf and intricate details slowly overtake the pages as the poem progresses. The question of using decoration for decoration's sake is brought to mind.  In Mystery the poem is obscured by panels and only initially visible through tiny peephole cutouts. The poem is revealed through the minute extra effort of turning the panels, but takes a different tone if the viewer decides to leave the panels in place and read only what is initially visible. Truth makes use of transparent photographs of personal memories. the words mingle in the negative spaces of the photos. This interaction references the fact that not only does truth of the experience shines through even when we misremember the details.