Adobe Illustrator for the Glowforge

Project Overview:

As may be obvious in this blog I primarily work with Adobe Illustrator to design my files for the Glowforge. I have over 15 years of experience with the program and work professionally as a designer using the Adobe suite. I get asked a lot of questions in forums and find that learning this program can be a challenge for some. In order to help, I plan to compile some learning resources here, including some videos of my own. Although this page will focus on Illustrator I may throw in some other digital tutorials like a like to using


These are some of my favorite techniques, specifically the pathfinder and align panels. These are three design tutorials focused on creating your own images. I know sometimes I move pretty fast but my main goal is just to give you an idea of what is possible. If you need it slowed down feel free to pause and follow along, or literally slow the video. 


Not my tutorial but it has some good insights into setting up your workspace for the Glowforge.


A slightly more advanced tutorial but this addresses a common problem – eliminating cutting errors due to open paths. 



I will try to continue updating this page as I make more videos and gather more learning resources. If you find a great one feel free to post in the comments below! Meanwhile, check out some additional blog posts that teach digital skills and Illustrator techniques related to the Glowforge. 


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